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African Democracy Project Botswana

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Week 1 Readings:


Please refer to the syllabus for a list of the readings for each week of the course.  Student and instructor reflections on the readings for reach week can be found in the individual blogs for the course.  If there are any changes in the readings an announcement will be made.   Week 1 Readings both required and recommended can be found in the Pages and File Section of the Course Wiki.  Readings will be added as the course develops.  Also I will use this page to share student readings with the class. 


Student Readings:  One of the students found an interesting reading that I am posting here:


Attached is the story of Cynthis Leshomo.  Unfortunately the back of the book states that Cynthia died December 2006.
Nolen, Stephanie. "28: Stories of AIDS in Africa"  pp 125-135. (Walker & Company, New York 2007, 2008).




We should think about Cynthia's story as we learn more about HIV/AIDS in Botswana over the next few weeks.


Also, she has shared with us some basic Setswana phrases and lessons.

Setswana1.pdf Setswana2.pdf Setswana3.pdf Setswana4.pdf Setswana5.pdf


The Peace Corps in Botswana has also produced this handout as an introduction to Setswana.  Its a little more technical but contains some useful information.




Check out this interesting article on African Democracy by Chinua Achebe.




Week 4 Readings





abstain or die.pdf






Week 5: Some slight changes from the syllabus for the readings this week.  The Lorway article "Dispelling Heterosexual African AIDS is now recommended rather than required reading.  lorway.pdf


Instead, I have added an article by Fay et. al. on "Stigma, Health Care Access, and HIV Knowledge Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Malawi, Namibia, and Botswana."  Also I think it will be useful to read an article by Andy Seale "Heteronormativity and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa." These articles have been added to the already required readings as delineated in the syllabus.

HIVMSMMalNamBot.pdf pattman.pdf thorpe.pdf heteronormativity and hiv in sub-saharan africa.pdf McIlwane.PDF sandfortdodge.pdf dworkinandehrhardt.pdf  johnson.pdf




There is also an article by Ehlers et.al. that is recommended for those who want more information on this topic called "The Well Being of Gays and Lesbians in Botswana."  ehlers.pdf


The following are the readings for Week 6: The Boundaries of Black Politics.pdf fordetal.pdf ojikutuandharris.pdf rawlingsandhopson.pdf wilton.pdf wingwood.pdf Performance as Intravention.pdf



The class now shifts to a focus on Sustainable Development and Renewable Energies in Botswana and Detroit.  The following readings are for Week 7.  You will notice a change as I have added a reading on Community Gardening in light of one of the guest speakers for this week.

ecm_pro_060628.pdf The Next Industrial Revolution.pdf Renewable Energy The Deceptive Global Consensus.pdf Why Alternative Energy and Fuels.pdf


The Following are the required readings for Week 8 Karekezi, S. Renewables in Africa - meeting the energy needs of the poor.pdf Ketlogetswe, C. Lessons and Challenges Encountered in Implementation of Solar.pdf Mathangwane et. al. Botswana biomass energy projects.pdf Twyman, C. Participatory Conservation_Community Based Natural Resource.pdf Enclave tourism and its socio-economic impacts.pdf Jain_Role of Solar Energy in Development in Botswana.pdf Ditlhale Wright Importance of gender in energy decision making.pdf


If you would like to do further reading on this subject the following are recommended readings to enhance your understanding of the issues.

Gender and Energy UNDP.doc Maduka Gender and Renewable Energy in Africa.pdf Renewable energy education in Botswana.pdf Twyman, C Rethinking Community Resource Management.pdf





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